Breakaway Brew Haus is a Craft Beer Brewery located in Bolton, CT.   BBH opened in early 2017 relying on experience gained through brewing great beer for over 22 years.

Our handmade all-grain Ales, Pilsners, Lagers, Stouts and Porters are from choice ingredients. Our beer is made the old-fashioned way with natural fresh ingredients consisting of our well Water, Malted Grain, Hops and Yeast with no adjuncts or sugar.

To enjoy the great taste we work so hard to create for you, the Ales, Pilsners and Lagers are meant to be consumed immediately. The Stouts and Porters can also be enjoyed right away or aged (cold-stored) which will enhance the experience.


Breakaway Brew Haus LLC   ◊   5 Steele Crossing Road, Bolton, CT

Open: Friday 12:00 am - 4:30 pm & Saturday 11:00am - 3:30pm  

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Beer List for Friday 1/19 & Saturday 1/20

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