Breakaway Brew Haus LLC

Breakaway Brew Haus is a Craft Beer Brewery which opened in April of 2017

BBH opened for service relying on experience gained brewing great beer for over 25 years.

Our craft brewed all-grain Ales, Pilsners, Lagers, Stouts and Porters are from the finest ingredients. Our beer recipes are custom blended and made by hand, with natural fresh grains, well water, hops and yeast.

To enjoy the great taste we work so hard to create for you, the Ales, Pilsners and Lagers are meant to be quaffed quickly. The Stouts and Porters can also be enjoyed right away or aged (cold-stored) which will enhance the experience.

At Breakaway Brew Haus Our Creed Is...



BBH is temporarily closed and moving to a new location

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Beer Tent and growler fill guidelines for purchasing beer 

BBH “Beer To Go” Pre filled and ready to go!

  1. Park in the driveway or a parking spot & go to BBH Beer tent

  2. Only ONE Person at a time in the beer tent

  3. Order Beer, pay for purchase with cash or Venmo

  4. $15 per 750ml reusable bottle or 2 - for $25.00

  5. Bottle(s) exterior will be sanitized and away you go!

You can Call, Text & Pay for your "BTG" order in advance to expedite pick up  

*Fri. & Sat. you do not need to call ahead for "BTG"*

*Mon. - Thur.  Call or Text ahead for availability and to order “BTG” *

BBH Growler fill’s - Friday's & Saturday's

  1. Park in the driveway or a parking spot & go to the BBH Beer tent

  2. Only ONE Person at a time in the BBH beer tent

  3. Order Beer, leave your growlers on table, pay for purchase ($ varies based on size(clean bottles only))

  4. Your bottles will be sanitized outside the brewery 

  5. Your bottles will then be filled in the brewery

  6. Your order will be ready in 15 minutes min. or pick up anytime that day until 7:00pm

  7. You can Call or Text in advance to expedite pick up of  your growlers


BBH "BTG" is available Monday - Saturday 11 am - 7 pm

"BTG" Currently Sold Out

Call or Text the Brewery ahead for availability and to order

Then  stop in & pick up your "BBH Beer To Go"!

Delivery is available 


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Motorcycle, walk-in, bike-in customers always welcome, park in the Driveway! 


Local hiking and biking trails are closely accessible and with a visit to BBH can make for a great day outdoors with Family, Friends, Pets etc.!

 Thank you to all our customers!


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Beer types shown below are sold out

BBH is temporarily closed, moving to a new location


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