BBH Killer Pils’ #2

Our best description for this new BBH beer is…German Pilsner meets New England Double IPA.

A luscious aroma on the nose is followed by a rich European Pilsner malt backbone. The golden hazy color and a juicy hop aroma created by a 4 hop blend is finished with a Double Citra dry hop!

Please visit BBH and enjoy this great new beer style!


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Steven N.

Hoppy Pilsner!!! Crispy, needed this early day for leveling out!

jed U.

“Pilsner meets NE IPA”. Super nice guy, excellent beer!

Erin U.

The IPA of pilsners. This guy’s doing some great stuff! Keep it up Matt! We’ll be back!


Killer pils is killer.

Edson G.

8.2% on my tag and one of the tastier Pils style brews I’ve had in a long time!!!

Paul F.

Really is “Killer Pils #4”. Fantastic, makes me want to push the haze limits of a german pils. Thanks Matt!