Face Plant Ale #2

The complex malt bill provides a beautiful color which is second only to the amazing flavor it produces. The Face Plant series of beers, #1-4 have different ABV% levels and  separate fermentation process/dry hop profiles.

Face Plant #2 is a Double New England Pale Ale. #2 is a delicious journey through a perfectly balanced malt and hop infusion.  It produces a lingering finish of ripened fruit and juicy citrus, which can only be created through a multi-hop blend process.


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Beer Number:#2
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Spot on. best new beer, hands down!

Matt H.

Trying to represent! Great brew, can’t wait for the official spot to open and everyone’s doors getting blown off💨🍻

Chris V.

Finishing off this quality one 👍🏻

Tom S.

Brewery at his house. Very little parking. Beer is good. Tasty