Free Fallin’ Ale #2

The first batch of this new BBH Ale was being brewed the day Tom Petty passed, listening to his music that day brought the name of this Ale to mind…

This APA has a delicious custom blended malt bill, beautiful hazy creamy color with a deep, rich and complex hop profile which begins with tropical juicy fruit notes and finishes with a beautiful bouquet of flavor.


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Beer Number:#3

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The G.

Tasty brew from a very nice Local Brewer. Can’t wait for him to expand the operation. Great time there talking with him.

Chris R.

Forst foray and I’m impressed.


This is delish! Super friendly brewer serving from his garage. Worth the drive.

Stephen B.

Very smooth and refreshing. You can certainly taste the love put in these beers. Nice and lots of subtle flavors